Helping Veolia Transition from MS Office to Google Workspace

Veolia is a French transnational company with activities in three main service and utility areas traditionally managed by public authorities – water management, waste management and energy services.

The objective of our solutions was to help the company transition to Google Workspace from Microsoft Office without any loss of functionality between the tools. In partnership with Numericoach and Apside, we have implemented multiple solutions over the years, including a dedicated document, label and email merge app, fuel prices scraper and reporter, financial reports automation, drive migration solutions, etc.

Yearly Salary and Promotions Process Automation for Airbus

Airbus is a European multinational aerospace corporation.

Their business need was to build an app that would allow them to implement their yearly salary increases and promotions. The solution, built in partnership with Palooma, was a web app that through an authorization server gave managers and HR business partners access to their defined datasets, strictly as defined by the company rules.

Once inputs were processed, the web app generated reports as to what extent the company was on budget, meeting their goals and whether age and gender parity was assured.

Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions Workflow for AirLiquide

Air Liquide S.A., is a French multinational company which supplies industrial gasses and services to various industries including medical, chemical and electronic manufacturers.

In partnership with Numericoach, we automated their process of management of corrective and preventive actions. Every time a malfunction occurs, they are able to report the problem in a Google Form. Automatically a PDF report is generated and sent to relevant parties. Once corrective and preventive actions have been put in place, the responsible person uses the app to generate a new report that communicates how the issue was handled and what was done to prevent this in the future.

Custom Quotes and Invoicing Solution for

24S is a member of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) group, bringing the spirit of Paris to life through an exclusive online shopping experience for men and women. 24S features a selection of more than 300 fashion and beauty brands, from the finest luxury houses to emerging designers, including the promising talent of the LVMH Prize.

We built a custom invoicing solution for their Personal Shopper department, taking into account their specific workflows, regional requirements (Europe vs US vs other countries). The app processed raw inputs from the spreadsheet, generated PDF invoices based on the templates and sent them to the customers by email.

Marketing Automation Funnel for Fructifi

Fructifi is a SaaS platform that connects to your CRM and analyzes your customer behavior through proprietary data science analysis. Their algorithm predicts when your clients are about to churn and lets you know before that happens.

Not stopping at the analysis, at we built an automated marketing funnel that would reach out to the customers automatically with personalized messages through a predefined flow via email, SMS and voicemail.

To deliver a fast result, a prototype was built in Google Sheets with Google Apps Script. Every morning, our app pulls data from the Fructifi API and compares the dataset To yesterday's data and only reaches out to those customers who are still in the churning area. It then sends them a message via one of the partner APIs.

If the customer responds, they are taken out of the sequence and the account managers handle the rest of the flow.

Customer interactions are stored in Firestore and a REST API communicates that data back to the main Fructifi App via Google Cloud Functions.

Financial Tools for tracking expenses, cash flow and P&L for Snowfall Travel

Snowfall Travel is the travel platform that facilitates business between Providers, Resellers, and Partners across the travel ecosystem.

Our solution allowed the finance team to manage all their expenses and cash flow and built P&L reports from the comforts of Google Sheets. The app was able to process all expense types, different payout periods, multiple currencies and other variables, and forecast expenses for upto a year ahead.

Custom Budget Management and Invoicing for Imagination

Imagination is a UK-based creative advertising agency.

We built a couple different internal tools to automate their processes:

One solution was a custom budget app where they would be able to enter different project expenses and automatically produce a quote for their customers. The expenses could be anything from employee time to equipment purchases. Multiple templates could be used for the final quote.

The other solution was a Google Apps Script library that allowed users to automatically send documents for signature through the Adobe Sign API.

Personalized SMS and Email Sequences for Website Leads for Park Ave Cosmetic Center

Park Ave Cosmetic Center is a cosmetic company that offers a complete line of anti-aging and total body wellness services.

Their business need was to automate communication with the customers who expressed interest in their products and services and filled out a form on their website.

Our app collected the form responses in a Google Sheet and depending on the form data chose a sequence of SMS or email messages to send to every customer over a period of several days. For this solution the Twilio API was used.

Agile Conflict Management Capacity Test for Neutral Advocate

Neutral Advocate (founded by Martin West) provides solutions for Agile conflict resolution.

Their website had a quiz for prospective customers and the need was to process that data and build a detailed report for them depending on their answers. Using Google Apps Script and a Google Doc template, this integration was successfully completed.

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