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Discover how our services in Google Workspace™, Google Cloud™, and Generative AI can help your business run better and faster. With Google Workspace, you’ll manage documents more easily, keep your team connected, and smoothly integrate everything with your existing tools. Our Google Cloud solutions provide robust and flexible web applications that grow with your business, keeping you prepared for any challenge. Plus, our AI technologies automate tricky tasks and help you make smart decisions quickly.

We design our tech solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring they fit perfectly with your current setup. With quick installation, top-notch data security, and ongoing support, We make sure everything works smoothly so you can focus on growing your business. Companies like Veolia, Airbus, and Air Liquide have already seen great results with us. Let us help you simplify your operations and get ready for the future

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Why Us

Customized Google Solutions

Enhancing existing GWS tools, building cloud-native apps, deploying internal or public add-ons, and ensuring seamless integration into users’ environments are key aspects of our development approach. We focus on optimizing and expanding the capabilities of Google Workspace solutions, creating robust cloud applications, and delivering add-ons that integrate effortlessly, enhancing productivity and user experience.

Quick Deployment and Easy User Adoption

Our approach includes integration into Google Workspace, leveraging Google Cloud resources, and providing boilerplate solutions for complex problems such as AI chatbots and semantic search. This ensures that our solutions are deeply embedded within the Google ecosystem, utilizing its powerful cloud infrastructure, and offering ready-to-use frameworks for advanced technological challenges.

Data Security and Post-deployment Support

We prioritize data security and post-deployment support, offering full control over data storage and processing. Our services include a 2-week hypercare period to ensure smooth transition and immediate issue resolution, followed by ongoing support to maintain and optimize your solutions..

How to Get Started

1 Kickstart Your Journey

Start your journey towards effective and efficient office software solutions with Schedule a free 15-minute call with us to discuss your unique needs and find out how we can help streamline your processes

2 Explore Your Needs

Our team at is here to learn more about your business and its needs. During our call, we\'ll explore the challenges you face, the software tools you currently use, and how we can enhance them to save you time and increase efficiency.

3 Evaluation and Proposal

Based on our initial call, we\'ll draft a tailored plan that outlines how our solutions can address your needs. We\'ll provide a comprehensive brief and a proposal which includes our cost estimate. With, you can expect transparency and flexibility in our approach.

Meet Our Team

Dmitry Kostyuk, Founder, CEO | Google Developer Expert

Dmitry, founder and CEO of, is a tech enthusiast experienced in both development and sales leadership. With a unique blend of technical and business expertise, Dmitry excels at crafting innovative software solutions.

His passion for technology shines through in his award-winning app, GreenGrideo, which secured second place at the 2023 Digital Finance Awards.

Dmitry\'s exceptional skills and understanding of both sides of the industry enable him to drive success for clients and push technological boundaries, making a significant impact in the field.

Dmitry Kostyuk

Founder, CEO | Google Developer Expert

Masha Kim, COO

Masha brings a wealth of project management experience to her role as Chief Operating Officer. Her background spans marketing and advertising in real estate and consumer electronics, providing a well-rounded perspective on operations.

With a track record of managing IT and multimedia projects for prestigious museums and cultural institutions, Masha blends technology and creativity seamlessly. Her strength in communication and problem-solving propels the company towards success.

Masha Kim


Erkan ErkiĹźi, Apps Script Developer

Erkan has 9 years of hands on development, design and coding. Strong understanding of Java fundamentals, OOP principles, design patterns and engineering practices. Knowledge of other languages like TypeScript, Go, Python and similar technologies. Experience with source code versioning systems (Git, SVN).

Strong analytical skills, supportive, friendly, hard working and systematic approach and self-reliant. He is able to work together with teams from other countries. Continuous learning with coaching, on the job learning, trainings, conferences.

Erkan ErkiĹźi

Apps Script Developer

Wim den Herder, Apps Script Developer

Wim den Herder is a Google Apps Script specialist and an experienced web developer with 10+ years of expertise. He is bringing 7 years of in-depth experience with the Google Cloud Platform. Wim has successfully automated critical processes for top-tier companies like Booking, H&M and Subaru.

He has a remarkable track record of creating over 40+ apps, including evaluation tools, recruiter apps and add-ons, form scraping, and calendar automation.

Wim den Herder

Apps Script Developer

Niran Thanasrivanit, Front-End Developer

With six years in the field, Niran is a proficient front-end developer skilled in JavaScript frameworks like React, Alpine, and Svelte. His keen eye for detail enables him to design effective, user-friendly interfaces.

Adept at Tailwind CSS, Niran excels in team collaboration and communication, while demonstrating a thorough understanding of responsive design. Committed to writing efficient code, he remains updated on the latest industry trends.

Niran Thanasrivanit

Front-End Developer

Maya Gupta, UI/UX Designer

Maya is a meticulous UI/UX designer, proficient in Figma, known for creating user-friendly, aesthetic interfaces. She adopts a user-centered design strategy, seamlessly blending user needs and business goals.

Exceptional in communication, Maya effectively collaborates with teams, presents design concepts, and assimilates feedback. Her problem-solving and critical thinking skills make her adept at delivering designs that enhance user interaction and satisfaction.

Maya Gupta

UI/UX Designer

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