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Wurkspaces.dev collaborates extensively with freelancers. We are continually seeking talent in Google Apps Script and Google Cloud Platform development. We need UX/UI designers who are proficient with web apps and native Google Workspace interfaces such as sidebars and modals. We also require front-end developers who can transform designs into HTML/CSS/JavaScript and/or Google Apps Script's Card Service.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced expert, we're interested. Feel free to contact us using the form below.

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Google Apps Script is the core of our stack as it links Google's apps together and with external APIs. TypeScript, ES6, and clasp are almost a requirement, although they can be learned on the job. Unit testing, functional programming, and object-oriented programming are a big plus. Knowledge of Google Cloud, particularly BigQuery, Firestore, and service accounts, is also beneficial. Familiarity with Jest, ESLint, Prettier, and Husky are a plus.

Front-end developers need to have a passion for detail above all else. A thorough understanding of CSS and Tailwind is a requirement. Deep knowledge of Vanilla JavaScript, TypeScript and Alpine.js is a significant plus. Familiarity with Jest, ESLint, Prettier, and Husky are a plus.

UX/UI designers work on mobile-first web apps as well as Google Workspace-native interfaces such as sidebars and modal dialogs. All interfaces need to be delivered in Figma.

We specifically need Node.js TypeScript developers for our Google Cloud projects. If you are one and if at least some of the following are familiar to you, then get in touch: Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, GKE, Firestore, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Cloud Build... Familiarity with Jest, ESLint, Prettier, and Husky are a plus.

1 Work Whenever Wherever

We don\'t ask you to come to the office or work in a specific time zone. We trust you to organize your time in the most efficient way and ensure you still find opportunities for meet-ups and code reviews.

2 No Hidden Costs

Unlike marketplaces, we don\'t charge a commission and we don\'t ask you to buy connects. Your fee is what we agree upon, straightforward and simple.

3 All Skill Levels Welcome

We are looking for seasoned experts and junior developers alike. Your motivation to grow is what we value most at all skill levels. Reach out using the form below and let\'s chat about how we can work together.

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