Google Workspace Automation

We build internal tools around Google Workspace products that automate your business workflows and integrate with external APIs. We automate marketing funnels and reports, billing, stock management, CRM, or anything else, without you having to buy new software and re-train your staff.

About Us

We are a team of freelancers with complementary specialized skills that understand your business needs and translate them into your internal tools with functional business logic and intuitive UI. We follow SCRUM project management and or team consists of business-focused project managers, Google Workspace (Google Apps Script) and Google Cloud Platform (Node.js) developers, UI/UX designers and front-end developers.

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Service Examples

Budget management

Store your income and expensese in a central database, in a Google Sheet or GCP. Enter and validate entries as per your workflows. Visualize reports in a dashboard in Google Data Studio. Control who can see what.

Cost Estimate Generation

Estimate the duration, cost and taxes for your project, insert the data in a predefined template, and send it to your clients all from the comforts of a Google spreadsheet.

HR Salary and Promotion Management

Involve your team into submitting and validating new roles and salaries, restricting who has access to what. Track that you are on budget.


If You Use Clasp With Google Apps Script, You Need This Utility Right Now

When working in a team and/or with a client, you want to have multiple environments. At minimum, you probably want a dev environment (or multiple ones) in which you are working, and a test environment in which the client or your team can run acceptance tests before production. Of course, they must both be separate from the production environment. To push your code to the correct environment, you need to either update the .clasp.json file manually or keep multiple copies of your script with different .clasp.json files.

Fortunately, things have just become significantly easier, as I recently built an app for this purpose called clasp-env, which is available on NPM.



Great experience

Trustpilot 5-star review by Fructifi

Had a great experience with Wurkspaces. They did their best to narrow down the exact requirements of our needs and develop a solution that was perfectly aligned with the scope, within the budget and delivered on time.

— Philippe Pavillet, Fructifi

Wurkspaces Dev

Trustpilot 5-star review by Palooma

Dmitry (from did a great job for our company. The mission was not that easy but he managed to deliver in time. I strongly recommend Dmitry for his expert skills in Apps Script, Front Dev and Project Management.

— Alex Auger, Palooma

Un excellent développeur

Trustpilot 5-star review by Numericoach

Dmitry ( est un excellent développeur. Il a un niveau très avancé sur Google Apps Script / GCP. Il a développé plusieurs outils pour le compte de nos clients Numericoach. En plus d'être un technicien aguéri c'est aussi une belle personne, très aidante et agile.

— Stéphanie GIRODET, Numericoach

Excellent work. Top call.

Trustpilot 5-star review by Snowfall Travel

Dmitry ( is a truly great person to work with. Gets it quick, walks the extra mile, quality end to end. Things about angels you didn't think about, and implement them quickly. He continues thinking where you stop.

— Christoffer Möller, Snowfall Travel

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