Examples of Services

Budget Management

Store your income and expensese in a central database, in a Google Sheet or GCP. Enter and validate entries as per your workflows. Visualize reports in a dashboard in Google Data Studio. Control who can see what.

Quotes Generation

Estimate the duration, cost and taxes for your project, insert the data in a predefined template, and send it to your clients all from the comforts of a Google spreadsheet.

HR Salary and Promotion Management

Involve your team into submitting and validating new roles and salaries, restricting who has access to what. Track that you are on budget.

Marketing Funnel Automation

Build a personalized sequence of messages for any scenario (a welcome series, lead funnel, churning customers...) through any means of communication (email, SMS, voicemail, messengers...)

Marketing Dashboards

Collect data from any source (online ads, user forms, external APIs), visualize it in your spreadsheet dashboards and export it into any Google app (Calendar, GMail, Slides, Docs, Data Studio), external app (CRM…) or a PDF file.

Document Merge and Mail Merge

Create batches of personnalized documents and emails, have them electronically signed and see your overall progress.

Converting Excel Macros to Google Sheets / Apps Script

Do not stay locked in Excel just because of a couple of macros.

Improving Google Sheets Templates

We will organize your spredsheets architecture so that it never breaks.

Managing Leads and Contacts

Add your leads to your CRM and send them a personalized message sequence automatically.

Project Mangement

Keep your team in alignment whether you're doing SCRUM or the Waterfall.

Processing Incoming Forms Data

Hook up your web forms, Google Forms, Typeforms, Jotforms, etc. to your business processes automatically.

Automating Instant Messaging

Communicate about important events automatically regardless of the channel.

Copy, Move or Back Up Google Drives

Keep your data organized, safe and backed up.

Accept Product or Service Orders

Keep track of every order with every state change.

Handle Meeting Bookings

Stay in control of your availability and who and when can book a meeting with you.

Property Management

Accept and manage reservations without overhead.

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